Grouping different personalities, Loop Studio is a space of creation combining know-how, technique and knowledge. Loop Studio is working for company, institution, artist and many more...


Rue du Sceptre 23 Scepterstraat,
Ixelles 1050 Elsene, BE


Jean-pierre Bertrand, Julien Dutertre, Alexis Jacob, Nicolas Storck

LASER CUT Machine, 680×540mm 80V

(wood, paper, cardboard, pvc...)

CNC, 2000×1000x220mm

(wood, aluminium...)

3D Print,

(PLA, ABS...)

RISO Print, 420×297mm

(yellow, red, burgundy, blue, federal blue, medium blue, green, brown, metallic gold, black

PLOTTER Print, 1000×700mm

(accept any kind of marker pen)

MASSICOT (guillotine), max 520mm

(only paper)

  • Design consulting, management
  • Research and Production
  • Furniture Design, Design, Production
  • Interior architecture, Management
  • Book Design, Production, Publishing
  • Identity System Design, Brand Strategy 
  • Print Design, Publication Design  
  • Web Design, Interactive Design
  • Signage, Environmental Graphics
  • Prototyping