Grouping different personalities, Loop Studio is a space of creation combining know-how, technique and knowledge. Loop Studio is working for company, institution, artist and many more...


Rue du Sceptre 23 Scepterstraat,
Ixelles 1050 Elsene, BE


Julien Dutertre, Alexis Jacob, Nicolas Storck

LASER CUT Machine, 680×540mm 80V

(wood, paper, cardboard, pvc...)

CNC, 2000×1000x220mm

(wood, aluminium...)

3D Print,

(PLA, ABS...)

RISO Print, 420×297mm

(yellow, red, burgundy, blue, federal blue, medium blue, green, brown, metallic gold, black

PLOTTER Print, 1000×700mm

(accept any kind of marker pen)

MASSICOT (guillotine), max 520mm

(only paper)

  • Design consulting, management
  • Research and Production
  • Furniture Design, Design, Production
  • Interior architecture, Management
  • Book Design, Production, Publishing
  • Identity System Design, Brand Strategy 
  • Print Design, Publication Design  
  • Web Design, Interactive Design
  • Signage, Environmental Graphics
  • Prototyping